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February 13-16, 2014
Western Regional Taxidermy Championship Info

The Utah Taxidermists Association is hosting the Western Regional Taxidermy Championship February 13-16, and it will be held at the Western Hunting & Conservation Expo at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  Check-In & Check-Out Instructions, Maps  (pdf)

Schedule of Events  (pdf)

Competition Divisions  (pdf)

Masters Division Rules Clarification  (pdf)

3-Hour Mule Deer & Bird Challenge Rules  (pdf)

Several "Taxidermy Challenges" to choose from!  (pdf)

Awards and Prizes  (pdf)

Buckles, HQ Knife, & Masters Acrylic Awards  (pdf)

Regional Competition Rules  (pdf)

Judges  (pdf)

Western Hunting & Conservation Expo

Registration Form (pdf)

Early registration deadline was February 7.
If you did not register early
you can still register during check-in
on Wednesday, February 12.
See you there!


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Then log into your PayPal account on the right side of the screen
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 On the same screen you select your payment method
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Competition/Banquet Fees
Western Regional Championships Registration Fee
          (Includes 1 Entry, All Seminars, UTA Membership and
          Competitor's Banquet Ticket)
Additional Entries $15.00
Youth Division, Kids Art & Kids Activities
Three Hour Mule Deer Challenge $15.00
Three Hour Bird Challenge (Any Bird)
Non-Member - Single Seminar $35.00 each
Non-Member - All Seminars $80.00
Western Regional Taxidermy Challenge
          (Lifesize Whitetail Deer, alive pose)
Avian Challenge
          (Chukar mounted like photo provided)
Fish Challenge
          (Walleye - Skin, Reproduction or Wood Carving)
Additional Banquet Tickets
$40.00 each
Commercial Division Critique Fee
$10.00 each
Each competitor will receive a voucher that can be used for free admission to the Hunt Expo one day only, or you can trade it in along with $15 for all four days admission.  Family members and friends are required to pay to enter the Expo which is $20/day for Adults, $10/day for Youth 11-17 years, and Kids 10 and under get in free.  $10 Adult Discount Coupons available, go to the Hunting Expo's website for more details.

If you need to book a hotel room please go to the Hunting Expo's web sight to do so.  There are discount rates available for booking online.

Former UTA President Darin Gardner's message about Competing

"Every year I get calls from folks who have never competed and are a little worried or scared to put their best work forward only to have it get beat up by the judge. These feelings are very normal and I donít think anyone that has competed has done so without a certain level of anxiety. Iíve even had folks not want to compete for fear that their work will look bad next to someone elseís and it would hurt their business. We all compete for different reasons. Some want to showcase their talent to the public, others might want to see how they stack up against other taxidermists doing similar work, while others yet might just want to come have fun. Whatever the reason, one thing always stands true; Every time we compete, we learn.  When you win, you learn about taxidermy and all that goes into making a piece come alive and stand out from the rest. When you donít do so well, you learn about yourself and how your character holds up to criticism. Either way, your attitude will be the deciding factor on whether you walk away with renewed enthusiasm or a bitter heart. We all know someone who wants to compete but is scared to for one reason or another. Try to encourage them to come out and give it a shot. Maybe share your story about your first time with them. By opening our minds to new things and taking helpful criticism from others we can all improve our work, make more money, and help bring taxidermy to the forefront as a recognized and respected art form."